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Lasik at Optimax TTDI by Dr. Chuah Kay Leong

Posted on: September 19, 2010

After years of hesitation, I finally found the guts to go for Lasik Treatment. I have had many friends who have undergone Lasik eye surgery and many of them highly recommends Optimax. I googled for Optimax’s website and I dialed the toll free number to fix an appointment for check-up. I was very impressed by the receptionist’s manner of handling my call. She was very knowledgeable in answering my questions. I wanted to go for the full 2 hour eye-check up. The lady told me that I should bring a long my sun glasses and someone should drive me home after the check up.

When I went to Optimax TTDI on the scheduled date, I didn’t have to wait long. I notice because they had a number of optometrists to perform the check-ups. Mine was done by a sweet young chinese lady. She’s very professional and she explained to me the function of each eye machine through out the procedure. Briefly, my eye’s power, corneal thickness, corneal pressure, corneal flatness etc. were recorded. After my everything was completed, the optician brought me to the consultation room where she explained to me the types of Lasik available.

Optimax offers a wide range of laser eye refractive surgery; namely Lasik, All-Laser-Lasik, Epi-Lasik/Lasek and Lasik XP. Then you also have Conventional, Custom and Multifocal categories. Well I can’t really recall the details of each types now, but she did mentioned that because I have very flat corneas, the most suitable procedure for me would be the Custom All-Laser-Lasik.  She showed me the price and I almost fainted. It would cost RM3,588 per eye for this procedure!! You can refer to the pricelist below. I did not manage to find any pricelist online before I did my Lasik, so I thought this price list may help you budget your finances before committing to such a big investment!

Optimax pricelist

As I made payment for the eye-check up, the cashier told me that I could get a cheaper rate for the Lasik if I sign up at their road show @ Tropicana Mall the following weekend. Wow! I thought I must be in luck…

I did went to the roadshow to place a deposit, and I secured RM3,388 per eye for the Custom All-Laser-Lasik. Good thing is that Optimax will rebate me RM120 for the eye check-up that I paid earlier. It’s a hefty sum, really, and good thing my friend who referred me promised to share the referral commission! At least, it helps to offset the cost a little, right?

I have no regrets with my Lasik procedure at Optimax. My doctor Dr. Chuah Kay Leong is a really nice man, he’s attentive and he’s got great feedbacks from his previous patients. You can read the testimonials at his office. His surgery days are Tuesdays and Thursdays if you would like him to perform Lasik for you.

It’s been 3 months after my Lasik and I’m loving everyday of it! It’s so convenient and naturally confidence builds up because you feel better about yourself. If you’re considering Lasik, my advice is wait no more, just go for it!


23 Responses to "Lasik at Optimax TTDI by Dr. Chuah Kay Leong"

Nice sharing Sher Li!! I did my Custom All-Laser-Lasik too at TTDI abt this year by Dr Chuah. Still great vision, very satisfied – NO REGRET!! Hurray!!

Luckily didn’t go to V****, they kept pushing me to do their so-called ‘NASA’ treatment which cost me abt RM10K!!! OMG! After that I tried to google around & found the same treatment at another lasik centre at very very much low price(abt RM3k-4K cheaper, felt like being conned…

Finally I decided to go to Optimax as found their ppl very professional & honest…They told me that I was suitable for several type of treatments including cheaper price, but I still opt for high-end type, Custom All-Laser-Lasik since i am type of kia-si ppl…heehee! Although i didn’t get any discount out of my treatment (mine is RM3,588 per eye) but i still think is worth of $$.

p/s: in fact the staff who checking the eyes at TTDI are not ‘optician’, they are Optometriest. Haha!

Hi YY,
Thanks for your sharing! I’m so so glad that you’re another lucky person who made the right choice to undergo your lasik treatment at Optimax TTDI! You are right, the staff at Optimax are really professional, they know what they are talking about.

Hi sherli, I’m getting my all laser lasik custom. Can I still get u to be my referer? Price now they quoted 3688 per eye.
Hows ur experience during the procedure… is it painful? Scared… Tq..

Hi Azleen,
Thanks for visiting this site. Yes, I can be your referrer. Give you more details via email yeah. 😉

Hi SherLi,

Thanks for the sharing and also to share out referral fee. Felt abit sad why the price is higher now. In fact it is higher by RM300 per eye compare to last year promotional price…sigh..anyway, i have sent you email..hope to get ur reply…thanks 🙂

Hi Stanley,
I didn’t know the price has increased so much in just one year’s time. Happy to know that you are going for the lasik.
Will communicate with you further via email. 😉

I am planning on doing laser in Opticmax and I’m planning to do the check up on my eye this week.

Do i need to make any appointment for the checking?

Hi Sam,
Yes, you need to make an appointment for the check up. Call up Optimax and they will advise you what to prepare. All the best!

Hi! Sher Li, Great to heard to that your surgery is successful. I am think of doing conventional custom lasik in Optimax TTDI but the price already increased to RM3000 per eye. Fainted!!! For All laser custom lasik increased to RM4000++ per eye. Terrible. Heard the customer service said the price will increase on Jan 2012.

By the way, can u be my referral since I have no friend been done the surgery at Optimax? We can share 50/50 indeed.

Hi Catherine,

Yes sure you can put me as your referrer. I’ve emailed you on the details. Good luck!!

Woah Sher Li, how are you doing? thanks for sharing your experience! After reading urs I plan to make an appointment to free from spec! Hmm can I have you to be my referral before I head to ttdi Optimax? It is a real costly operation but I must give it a shot!! *exciting* look forward to your reply! Thanks thanks!!

Oh,, forgotten to leave my email address. Here’s ,, thank you!! =)

Did lasik in excelview midvalley. Vision is not sharp with dry eyes.Night vision is so bad will all the haloes and starbust.

The excitement of seing without glass is the main reason why we do lasik. But when excitement hits you, u might become so bias in decision making. Dont stop reading and u will will find out why other people are making so much effort to tell people not to do lasik. Who will benefit from their voice, not them for sure.
Lasik done in excelview midvalley Kuala Lumpur with poor result. Quality of life badly affected

Hi Sher Li,
Just read through your post and thought if you could be my referral? I had actually paid a deposit for my reLexSmile LASIK. Not sure if they would still accept but can give it a try. 😅
Thank you! 🤗🤗

I had my surgery done by Dr Chuah recently. He’s a skilled middle age man who is very rude impatient straight forward who wouldn’t let the patient say anything. I guess everyone has his bad days but all of the visits he seems not to be in a good mood. His wonderful staffs all seems to be walking on a fine line.

Hi , Karen
mind to share ?how is your vision now? u did femto or relex smile?
Meet Dr.Chuah once . look good to me.
But you are right about one thing , he is straight forward .. no nonsense
He solved my eye’ ” puzzle”. 🙂

Hi, I wish to know how’s your vision now (after 6 years). Mind sharing?
I did mine in 2011 (optimax – Dr Yen), doing good so far. No deterioration in eye sight, no blurry vision, no halo, no night vision problem, occasionally dry eyes — well, 8 hours staring at laptop screen, go home another 3 hours looking at smart phone screen…what else can on expect haha.

JW , are u sponsor patient?

Hi Vivien, what do you mean by sponsor patient? I presume you mean someone sponsored my lasik treatment, answer is no. I’m just a satisfied customer of Optimax (paid RM5k+ back then) but wondering whether any others experiencing any discomfort cause I didn’t. I read from above comments that ExcelView (MidValley) gave poor results but iamme didn’t elaborate further.

Hi , JW
Well. read thru the post by iamme.i think he/she is not the only one.
1 of my friend went for lasik which same surgeon with you but diff treatment. Yet he’s result is poor and affected his life too . Post op patient care is terrible.
that is y surgeon skill & doctor ethic is important. Just an opinion after read thru the medical web.

Hi Sher li,

You did Femto bladeless lasik or Relex Smile?
Does the price vary depending on the client’s condition?
Look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance

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